Monday, 1 February 2010


God I love my big headphones... And RATM. ^_^
Rocking out, chowing on some fruit (a banana and an orange) waiting for my PrismSPECT simulation to finish. That has to be my favorite thing about computer intensive physics, lots of time which you actually have to just waste.

Hah, so yeah, day went fairly well today, woke up at 9:15, bagged up the rest of the clothes I decided to be rid of, which made it one very full black bin bag, not to mention the faded/torn clothes for the bin. I really do horde too much junk, but I love my junk, all the bits are parts of me... or at least that's what I tell myself until I can't actually find anything that still fits me and doesn't have Nirvana on it.
Would like to have a week to just go through Everything in my room, and go buy tons of boxes and sandwich bags so that I can sort and order all the stuff I want to hang on to. I think I'm going to do something like that with my cable drawers and computer parts boxes. Maybe make a list of what I have aswell, because off the top of my head I know I have 4 floppy drives, 2 CDRW drives, 1 DVD, 1 DVDRW, 2 HD-IDE, 1 HD-SATA, 3 graphics cards, 1 motherboard, 2 1GB-RAM and 1 TV card... and that's not to mention the cables for all that junk... Most of it is for the scrap heap but some is good to go, should anyone need stuff to put together a crap PC anytime soon.

Aswell as that I think I want to store my Warhammer, just so I can #1 have it out of the way and #2 stop it getting broken when it gets In the way. I may not use it but it still cost a bomb all those years ago, don't want it turning to scrap plastic.

So much for the blog a day eh? I don't think that's ever workable though, not really for me. I don't think I have enough to talk about. Not that that ever stops me.
Starting to plan holidays, which is always a relaxing thing to do, the simple idea of a holiday is enough to make everything feel warm and sunny. Was thinking of 3 different holidays, 10 days in NY/NJ, 10 days in Italy somewhere, and a long weekend down the country. As well as this I want to visit Jane in Kerry and visit Cian in Belfast. So I might start putting those together soon, maybe book some flights. Maybe.

Elsewhere in my life things seem pretty rosey, I'm feeling a lot better for the mid-month crisis I went through, needed a good kick as I've heard a good few times now. Have some things setup which should help me continue to be cheery and I know I'm going to stay away from the beery (I didn't even really want to say that, just had to say beery). I should be able to get more in the swing of work now. What I'm going to try doing, once I have some of this list of tasks completed, is reading up on physics some more, writing out notes and such. I've DLed MIT's plasma physics lectures ( ) and have some other bits and bobs so I think I should be able to get a better grasp pretty quickly. Am going to do their assesments too, just for the craic. I can't wait to see Odette again though, I think it's just that time seems to go so slowly during some of these hours, makes the week feel long, and yet they're just flying by.

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