Monday, 10 January 2011


Can't even do two days in a row?
Well there is a reason for that.. I forgot. Planned on writing one, had an interesting Sunday, then come 10pm I was wall falling, so I collapsed before I thought to write about the day.

My uncle Kevin, my mam's younger brother, died 13 years ago this month, he had twin little girls just before he died. Was very very sad, my mam loved him a huge amount, everyone did. I knew him well for what age I was at the time, he was quiet involved with us growing up (took me, Josh and the son of friend of his to Power Rangers in The Point), I always loved his fish tank, all the neons and guppies, he is why I got my first warm water fish tank. He was the kind of man that everyone seems to have a million and one good things to say about, so when family tell me I remind them of him I can only be happy to think I'm loved even half as much as he was. Lord rest his soul and watch after those he loved.

So myself and Josh met up yesterday morning at got a bus out to Cabra west for the 11am mass, it was a nice enough mass, a young Asian girl was being baptised ahead of her upcoming confirmation and the priest was very energetic and passionate that we should all look back on our baptisms and to our Godparents whereever they may be. Josh's Godfather was Kevin so I thought that the full circle of thought was good, even if it was a total accident that the priest was unaware of.

After the mass we went back to my nana's sisters' house for tea and cake, always fun with family, I really don't see them enough. Great to just talk to them all and know that everyone is getting on in their own way.

Went to town with my aunt and uncle after that to show them the apt. and went for dinner with them & then for a pint. Was good to hangout, lots going on as always so it's good to just take a while to reflect and at the same time have a nice pint.

Then I went back to the apt. and wasted the evening.
Well, you can't win them all can you?

(image taken off the roof of the Trinity St. car park should be here, it was nice, I will put it up later if I can remember)

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