Tuesday, 11 January 2011

I can do this.

Titles will get old, very fast.
Spending hours and hours And Hours sanding targets and half polishing them, that was the bulk of the daylight hours yesterday. Standing by a rotating grinder/polisher. Today on the other hand, a bit of data analysis, a bit of organisation, a bit of communication, some experimental setup. A tick the boxes day, file off those little bits of things that needed to be removed.. and this time not from a target surface.


Did you know we're all cyborgs? I think this is really cool, and she has a nice way of putting things. It scares me how quickly people adapt to new tools sometimes, my little sister at around 2 years of age, picking up the phone every day and talking to voices in her head, because she thought that's what we all did, now she calls people, albeit usually the wrong people, but a 3 year old can hardly be expected to not make the mistakes that I sometimes make, very occasionally.

I don't know, anyway. I'm not full of myself, incase anyone thinks that, I hope nobody does, I take everything everyone says about me onboard and it runs in my head over and over, just like everyone else. I love my friends, even if I act like a jerk, and I'm sorry I've ever said I didn't like anyone, everyone has their merits. Anyway, something is going on in my head and I think I should stop writing and letting it out. Until tomorrow.

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