Thursday, 13 January 2011

Do de do do doo

Drum and base music isn't always a help with experiments, but sometimes it is a necessity.

For some reason the laser spot has changed size on me, I did realign the system, but that was more on the spectrometer end than the laser delivery end. So I'm at a loss, and really can't think how to resolve this, one way I can't do the experiment and the other I'm not in the right magnification. Pain.

Yesterday was a decent day, watched Akira for the first time after work with Kev, he's off in London now, left in the early am. And I am here, in the lab, waiting for the chamber to pump down once more, fingers crossed I can get this run done and then do the ablation crater and then move on from this part of the exp.

Had a very nice coffee earlier from the Science Gallery, might have another if I'm stuck in here still at 5ish. Going to rock Pendulum's essential mix for the next while, then who knows. But for now it is time to get some data.

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