Friday, 21 January 2011

Another day

..another fludge.

This looks great, so glad to see a good movie coming out, haha.
Also, on the topic of youtube, I couldn't hate the new layout more, I can hardly tell what's happening on it at all. I just want one box, not a fancy layer by layer of who uploaded what. Simplicity, that's what the big internet sites should aim for.

This is also brilliant, and this looks good, if scary, and this looks fun.

Killing time until the postgrad. seminars, have to get started on my transfer seriously today, so the plan is to sit down with Inam's and Enrique's and work through them for structure and theory. Then strip one down to the bones for structure and rebuild it into my own. Have to do a draft of future work for James for next week. Future work, does that include my plan to win the lotto?

Supposed to be meeting Clem later for tea and chats, but haven't heard from her all week, maybe she's busy. Then heading out to Odette's, going to maybe see a movie. Had planned to meet Andrew & Laurence tomorrow, but I'm not sure, will see if Odie is up for heading into town with me or not. Be nice for her to see Andrew too, ohh the good old days of drinking until we fell over and then getting up in the morning and drinking some more while making skinless sausages and rashers fried in cidar. Good times.
"Oh shit, it's the police... and I'm drinking" said Isaac the tool,
"Yes, we're the police... and you're drinking." replied the police woman from the car.
Good times.

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