Thursday 1 January 2009


So, new year eh? Whole new set of 365.. 364 days to play with.
I didn't start it in the best way, drinking oh say half a bottle of taquila, a third of a bottle of vodka, half a bottle of lemon liquor and a quater a bottle of Apple Sourz... My body really is not in a state of harmony today needless to say! Had fun though, Kevin was over in mine for it, we played poker and then Cranium and then I dropped a glass and me and Josh fought and then me and Kev hoovered the whole kitchen and went to get some sleep.

Anyway, I'm alive today by some miricle and can remember all of the sillyness of New Years night 2008! Woop!
2009 should be a good year, I hope it will be a year full of lottery wins, changes of pace and scenery and a lot more seeing Odette.
Good God do I miss that girl, it's like having a big chunk of my brain out of reach, so many disisions I can't make because I feel like I don't have the right balance to make them. Not in a "ohh but but Odette wouldn't approve D:" more in a "but I KNOW there is an easier way to do this, and I've nobody to tell me what it is >.<"
Not that I really need to explain that, but I dunno, I need my better half back!

On the college front I am very far back... like at the starting line. Which is fecking stupid of me, in all reality I do this to myself every year. I do try study, I did some during the college term even. But this last 2 weeks have gone by FAR too quickly, I seemed to do nothing constructive at all like. But I still have 13 days till my first exam (Oh Jesus Christ do I ever need help!) and I only have two exams. I should be okay. Just need to get started!

Rory is having a dinner party tomorrow, Kev and myself are meeting up before hand to buy deserts as requested by Rory and heading there for around 7pm. I'm thinking I start the study tomorrow morning... or I go to the gym tomorrow morning. I have to do something productive even if it kills me!