Tuesday 23 November 2010

Half a million hours

.. and counting, sorry I haven't fludged in a so long.
I have a good few stories, many fun things have happened and many things that were not so fun. Working hard for example, lots of that (well I say working hard but by normal standards I think it is just called working). A few late evenings in the office now and then, one night working in the lab until 1am getting data before heading off to pick up Odette from a club. Lots of stories.
And my picture collection has grown in massive leaps, I will never be able to find the pictures I want to put in the fludge posts now.
But it's the thought that counts, so I want you to think of one cool picture that makes you think “Wow, look at that, don’t see that every day” or “Wish I had a view like that from my bathroom” and one picture of a dog looking funny, like wearing a suit and tie with a pipe in mouth and the phrase "Working hard or hardly working" above it.
My work here is done.