Friday 3 December 2010

It's lunchtime somewhere,

so shutit.

Another load of hours skimmed by me, grabbed a few by the shoulders and shook some good work out of them, but I need to get my snatch and grab technique down if I really want to feel like I've been more than just a wonderful procrastinator.
Feeling chesty from all the snow, went for a run with no coat yesterday, not the kind of run you do for fun, the kind when you forgot what time it was and needed to get your house key off your girlfriend. So a mix of that and a walk to the RDS to sell cheese (read sell as eat). Wonderful day yesterday. Today less wonderful, working from home which is nice, no cold weather to deal with, but I hear the snow is dieing.

I have to get my transfer report started properly, so far it's just scrawled mumbles on many torn pages and snippets of half baked thoughts in the back of my old log book (I love my log books, they are amazing, want to get a Ton of thing A4 leather bound Moleskins for my next few log books, but that would just be a waste of money). I think the plan has to be, focus on getting report on current experiment written up and work out a theory section for it which summarised the work (as well as identify all the questions I have about the data), buy Christmas presents and do the whole Christmas thing and then forget about New Years to get some work done, enjoy New Years in a flash and back to work with around 3 months to get a kick ass transfer report done.

Christmas presents, yeah, those things. Going to have to do some major shopping, will do a 9am mad dash, hit as many shops in as little time and do some thinking. Next day another 9am run around and get one of everything for everyone. Hey they're worth it.
I really want to organise and get all my friends addresses, without them knowing. Want to send everyone Christmas cards, not for the holiday itself, just so they know I think about them, I do care alot about my friends, well some of them hah.

I can't seem to write proper fludge posts at all at all, have to eat now anyhow, boiled spuds, diced cherry tomatoes and rocket with some vegetable pesto/pâté. Will be tasty.