Thursday 25 June 2009


Right so, crazy stuff going on with me this last month since I posted last. I finished my exams for one, all went fairly well, got my 1st class honours! 2 exams didn't go so wonderful which dragged my percentage down but I still made it. Went out after we got the results with the group and a load of lecturers to Dicey Reilly's, was a good laugh, so weird to be done, just the graduation left to go.

The TCD prof. which I had contacted had me in to meet him (as did the UCD prof.) and after a few weeks I'm already working in TCD! I officially start my PhD in Oct. (pending formal application) and then another 4 years of magnetohydrodynamic effects in laser produced plasmas and I will be Dr. Tobin! Scary or wha?!

Kinda crap to be working already I know, no more summer and all that, especially seeing as the last 3 days have been so bloody nice out, but it's pay and that's why I went for it. I'm also going to finish up with this on Sept 4th and wont start the PhD until near Oct. In those few weeks I will have my holidays and am already planning a trip to Italy with Odette for a week and a day there. Should be amazing. My aunt Paula was also trying to convince me to go to NY again, saying they're going on a cruise and to head over with Caroline again. I'm sure it wont be long till I go again, New Jersey is a really lovely place and NY is a lot of fun. For now I think it's Dublin and Italy though, and try save up a bit.

Anyway, I'm sure there's other stuff happening but I'm a bit strung out and have to clear up my room a bit.
Will try update before next month ;P