Friday 5 October 2012

Old posts

Was just looking through my drafts folder there, wow there are a lot of half baked memories with cobwebs on. Like when I went for

Saturday (I think the 5th March 2011):
Skype morning with Steve, Rory etc. (while they were in New Zealand!)
1:30pm dart to Odette's,
hung out,
watched Dark Knight
set mouse traps.. emptied a mouse trap.

Came back from Odette's on a dart at 9am after leaving her off to work.
Apt was empty, cleaned my room a bit but wasn't arsed to wash the windows like I planned. Met Kevin and helped in the market, arranged a games night with Fern & Sean for 7pm. Helped Kev and Silke pack away the cheese from the market at 5pm and went back to the apt with Kev, by 6:30 I was wrecked, wanted to crash out and sleep. Josh texted me then asking to call him ASAP about a crane in danger on Wood Quay.
This crane in danger turned out to be a cormorant which wasn't able to fly running back and forth on the road. Luckily I'd brought a really big fabric shopping bag, a beach towel and some water for the "crane in danger". After some running around we ran at it in a pincer move and I caught it under the towel (after it gave Josh a nasty bite on the arm through his jumper).
Just then, perfectly timed with me kneeling with a massive bird under a towel on the side of a major road the Gardai turned up (apparently a passing car had phoned in earlier about the bird). They said they couldn't do anything for us, no cages available in the station and their dispatcher said they couldn't give us a lift to what we had then found out was the only open vets (thanks to our mother who Josh was on the phone to after I nabbed the cormorant), UCD Veterinary Hospital. The DSPCA weren't answering their mobile weekend number so we took it upon ourselves to hop a taxi to UCD and the two Gardai wished us well.
We flagged down a taxi even before the Gardai had left (it was the quays after all) and I managed to lift the struggling bird bleeding and in a towel into the large bag (all the while holding firm and covering it's eyes. Remembered these tricks from some animal program, TV educations are the best).
I don't think the taxi driver was too pleased with the idea of the bird on my lap (hur hur) but we were in the car before we warned him. He got us to UCD anyway, we rang the doorbell and were greeted by a young nurse who knew we were coming (again thanks to our mamma).
She lifted the bird out of the bag and out of the bloodstained towel to examine it, after a game of hide and seek behind the vending machine (and a nasty bite on the hand for me, cover the eyes people!) she ascertained that the injury was on its leg and its wings seemed fine. She took it into the back and after a short while she returned and said that it couldn't stay there for the night. So we were given 2 choices, they could put it down then or give it to us and we could ring the DSPCA again in the morning...
So of course we said we'd take it, the poor confused thing. After a quick bit of food, water and some antibiotics they returned it to us in a box then, the doctor showing a nice big scrape down his arm (they had put a rubber band over its beak to stop bites.. the hook on its beak proved effective enough!).
We got the bus back to town then from the main stop at UCD, the box placed carefully on the luggage rack by the door.. with clear sounds of movement inside.. and the occasional shuffle of the whole box. I don't need to tell you the driver was giving us some funny looks!
We got off on Westmoreland St. then and walked to the apt. where we met Una and inside met Fern and Seb who'd been waiting on me for something like 2 hours after my organising a games night! What a shit host I am, glad Kev was in haha. We put the boxed cormorant in my en-suite shower, it being the quietest room in the place (what with the nightclub under us being on that night too haha).
We had our games night then after Josh & Una left.

In the morning then Josh came over, from his place on campus in TCD, at about 9:15am and we called the DSPCA. The box was shuffling around plenty so clearly the sedative had fully worn off and this bird was ready to fly (with any luck!). The woman from DSPCA arrived at around 10:45am to collect our recovering comrade. We handed over the box and were told it would be off to a fowl sanctuary in Wicklow, I said "That's not very nice, why can't it go to a pleasant one rather than a fowl one"... no I didn't I wish I did though. Then she'd had said "They don't get on in pheasant company" and we'd have been married the same day... Oh what could have been! Cormorant, that lady and I!

For the rest of the day I worked from home on the transfer report. Dull stuff there.
BUT I made a Damn tasty spicy salad for lunch, should have taken a picture, but it's all in mah belly now. Cleaned the counter tops then and swept and mopped the kitchen and some of the sitting room because I didn't get to yesterday. Now back to the transfer report (sorry for all the past to present switching).have to laugh at past to present switching when this is only published more than a year on

went to college after lunch to sort out a circuit, helped Gearoid in the lab and ran into James and had a chat.

worked all morning on the transfer, 4:45 pm got a bus to Dave's for his birthday. Had dinner there, hung out until 9 pm and then got a bus back to town with Josh. Spoke to Odette on the phone then for a little while once I was back in the apt. and then went over to Olesya's Wine Bar with Kev & his dad (Lord rest his soul, what a great man). Had a few glasses of lovely red wines, a nice Italian, 2006 Masi Valpolicella Bonacosta, and then a nice Chilean wine, can't remember the name. We left after last orders and had to get Kev's dad out of Dame Tavern and into a taxi, which was hilarious and difficult. Headed straight back to the apt. then and spoke to Odette for a minute, it being her birthday for about 10 mins at that stage and then went to bed.

Woke up at 4:30 am thinking it was 7:30, washed my face and started waking up when a panic came over me, where were all the other pets I was supposed to have. My shelves were full of STUFF, no pets. What had I done with them, did I leave them somewhere? Oh My God, Odette is going to kill me, where are all the other animals, what time is it? Why is it 4:30 am? What other animals, I only have Nuvola (poor little Nunu, I miss her) and she is right there. Why am I shouting at myself at 4:30 am. Time for sleep.

I worry about myself sometimes.

8:45 am I got up then, pottered around, answered emails and such, didn't start college work until around 10am, breakfast now (11 am) and a quick semi update of the blog, plan to try fill up missed days in here later on.

That was the end of the blog I'd written back then, don't think I planned to "full up missed days" so long later haha. I'd literally just written bullet points, good enough to rebuild the days for a blog post.
I miss living in town sometimes, the apt. is a most amazing place and living with Kevin was great. I'm really happy I live with Odette now though, so happy in love and do like Blackrock and love the cottage we found. Crazy how much changes in a year and a half.
Back to work now. Very busy week next week.

P.S. all Italics in the main body of text were added as thoughts from now me, the rest is memories from past me. And they said time travel wasn't theoretically possible..