Wednesday 22 April 2009


Yeah, so I meant to update this deal yesterday during a free half hour, but the interslice was moving like molacis on the college computers for some reason. So instead I will write in here today! Wahey!

Nothing too major going on with me right now, study is progressing, quite proud of myself starting with a month to go, much smarter than my usual two weeks approach. Kinda screwed still though, far too much reading to do. I reckon I can have one of my six courses finished this week, including doing past papers. But that still leaves five courses and just under four weeks. Keeps some fingers crossed for me!

Seeing some friends every now and then, always nice, can't wait for the summer to be here, as in for my exams to Not be arriving on the next flight. The weather has been so nice the past few days, and I've been stuck in the library :'( Also I keep wearing my big coat, I really need to Remember to forget it tomorrow. Although, knowing my luck, it will snow the day I leave it at home.

Thinking about trying to get my call centre job back, just for the summer months. Also, new grants available in NUI Maynooth, seriously considering applying to as many physics research groups as I can. Not huge grants, around €8000 per year plus fees paid for a four year PhD... Wish I had lots of money, just have to wait until Friday when I win the Euromillions I guess.

Anyway, I guess I haven't got much else to say, hope all is well and wonderful with everyone in the world. Buh-bye

Wednesday 8 April 2009

Hmm Hmm

Really not very good at this study thing, like woeful.
Had my first bloodtest since I was a baby today, went grand, tho walking home wasn't the best plan hehe, got a bit light headed. Then I watched a little TV, then organised my room, then ate, then cooked dinner for everyone and then mounted my two ancient external drives to backup my music and pictures... then got distracted by old pictures. So many funny memories. Wish I had more free time, think I'm going to have to make some.

So, here is my plan:
early mornings next week, all week. Walk to town, study in town, if ANYONE wants me, text or call me and I will make myself free, I will be in town afterall. I can't drink, so it is known. I don't expect anyone to notice this really. But so that the world has the posibility of knowing, I'm only a text and a busride away. Really miss most of my friends, Jane, Andrew, Sarah and Kevin most of all, I do miss Rory and Stephen tons too. Always missing Odette and I'm with her loads, so nothing I can do there, I think it's terminal craving for her, so not much I can do about that :P

I want to play some MTG again, and I kinda wanna play Warhammer, although sometimes I feel like slapping myself for wanting to play again. I still love painting... just wish I was good at it. Really feeling very happy though, I only miss people properly when I'm happy, otherwise I just want to sleep or play games. Not that I don't want to do that.

Loving the sun, I prefer it when there is rain in between, makes me feel like the plants are happy, the air tastes better when it's rained recently too, you can smell happy plants. (I best stop before I scare myself aswell as everyone else).

Friday 3 April 2009


So, Friday? Fried-eh? I dunno about that anyway.

I want to have a nice rock garden, full of ferns under the shade of a few nice deciduous trees, with a man-made stream and small pond full of pretty water plants. And have a lots of box nests on the trees for small birds. And tons of feeders. And local squirrels stealing nuts out of them.

Should have gone to the gym today by my lonesome, feeling rather like jumping out my window and sprinting as far as I could (read as 'not far'). I think it might just be a few coffees and large meals over the last few days, but I really feel like running places, if only I'd somewhere to run.

But anyway, college over for Easter, 2 weeks to catchup on a years work, if I can get 3 or 4 sets of notes summarised I will be a very happy Isaac. However this is probably a very optimistic goal. I think I will start with Advanced Optics, shouldn't take Too long, then move onto Quantum Physics Of Solids which will take half a year worth of Isaac-Effort. 6 exams, pretty alright number, kinda usual. 18th, 19th, 21st, 25th, 26th and 28th May all from 1:30-3pm. So this time 2 months I will be finished 'em and hopefully out the other side of a degree program. David Isaac Tobin BSc MIoP (I think), really gotta start looking for work though, jobs, research postgrads and etc. Would love to find myself in a PhD program, that would be a dream come true I think.
Well that and winning 30mill on the Euromillions.
I promise I'd fly everyone to my castle in France and have one hell of a party. Taking orders: chicken or beef?