Wednesday, 22 April 2009


Yeah, so I meant to update this deal yesterday during a free half hour, but the interslice was moving like molacis on the college computers for some reason. So instead I will write in here today! Wahey!

Nothing too major going on with me right now, study is progressing, quite proud of myself starting with a month to go, much smarter than my usual two weeks approach. Kinda screwed still though, far too much reading to do. I reckon I can have one of my six courses finished this week, including doing past papers. But that still leaves five courses and just under four weeks. Keeps some fingers crossed for me!

Seeing some friends every now and then, always nice, can't wait for the summer to be here, as in for my exams to Not be arriving on the next flight. The weather has been so nice the past few days, and I've been stuck in the library :'( Also I keep wearing my big coat, I really need to Remember to forget it tomorrow. Although, knowing my luck, it will snow the day I leave it at home.

Thinking about trying to get my call centre job back, just for the summer months. Also, new grants available in NUI Maynooth, seriously considering applying to as many physics research groups as I can. Not huge grants, around €8000 per year plus fees paid for a four year PhD... Wish I had lots of money, just have to wait until Friday when I win the Euromillions I guess.

Anyway, I guess I haven't got much else to say, hope all is well and wonderful with everyone in the world. Buh-bye

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