Monday 7 December 2009


So yeah, been a while. A long while.
I haven't been sure what to write about mostly.
But I'm seriously considering taking up Vloging, not in a very frequent capacity but I think I'd enjoy it. What I really want to do, if I had a lot more free time, is redo my site ( so that I could do all of the things I'd planned to do with it.
A few of the ideas were an easy add link setup so that members of the forums (while not inputting to the forum) could add links to the random link bar. I would also like to have a search function, so that a specific link could be found. And maybe a setup so that the links could be ordered, eg. games, comedy, movies, youtube..etc.
On top of the interesting links I wanted to have it set up with better gallery software, the one that is there now is great and all but it's overcomplicated for what I use it for. Aswell as that I want to have it so that I blog on it, not through this but directly onto that. Now I know alot of these things are Very easy to do but I just don't have the time and energy. A lot of these things I hope to have easily updatable by everyone who registers on the forums, such that everyone basically has a photobucket/blogger/link directory all in one.
It's not that I want this to be widely used, I'd mostly just like to use it myself and maybe have some friends using it (always interesting to see what friends are up to!). Also, if you check out my main page you'll see links to my FB, Twitter, LastFM.. etc, I'd like for friends to have pages like this as part of the setup.
Just need to magic myself up a month or two to get everything I want to do done.

Other things are on the to do list too, always lots of little things. Lots of hobby related stuff really, my plants, my books, my models. Haven't played any computer games in AGES, over a month I'd say. I downloaded DOW2, really not the best, cleared it anyone, a few missions a night after work and such. But not something I'd imagine I will go back and replay ever. Quite dull really, the multiplayer isn't very well thought out and although the campaign was fun you can only play as the Space Marines which limits the enjoyment. Since then I haven't really been arsed to play. Downloaded a few games and still have the other constant favorites (Dungeon Keeper, Day Of Defeat: Source, Team Fortress 2.. etc) but just not feeling the gaming of late.

Been playing Magic The Gathering the last 3 Thursday evenings in Gamers World on Jervice Street, quite odd to get back into it and play often again, mostly just good to see people. Hadn't spent any time with Elmo in ages and now I've seen him weekly. Although I am thinking every week might be a bit much, quite tempted to ask Stephen for a game of Warhammer Thursday after next, haven't seen him in months now (although hopefully seeing him this Saturday at the Crhsitmas market).

Work/college is going well, there is always a fair bit to be done, a nice mix of practical and theory work. Enjoy the experiments, most of the time, usually the setup is the best part, trying to think things out. Data analysis is still a lot of work, so many things to remember so little memory in my head!

My weekends are flying by, which is getting to be a pain, enjoying them too much. Hardly spending a single Friday or Saturday night at home really. Although because of work I only really get to see Odette then so it's understandable that I don't want to spend the days at home.

Christmas is nearly here too, which is damn scary. I think I get my holidays starting the 24th and then I'm back on like the 4th. Have to try and figure out my plans, heading up to my mam's for some of it, gotta see my aunt&uncle while they're over from NY/NJ and hopefully wont have any work related stuff to do over the week. Still have all of my shopping to do to, I'm thinking early Thursday morning should do nicely for the first wave of things.

One thing more, lots of people I was following on this have stopped using it, I want to know where they've gone, because I miss reading what they're up to.
Anyway, finished my lunch so back to work.