Friday 4 June 2010


So I am getting much easier to find it seems, Google Isaac Tobin TCD and you get loads of info. about me and even my address if you try to find it. I'm not the type to worry about my personal security or the security of my information, I probably should but yeah, don't. But what surprised me today was that Google-ing Isaac Tobin now gives a link to me in 3rd rank. More than that, simply put in Tobin and up I come. Kind of scary, it's probably just for Irish searches, it seems maybe Tobin is just for my searches maybe? That whole knowing what you're looking for thing. But Isaac Tobin is me and it comes up high. (this post should help hah)

But yes, the point of this post, can't just harp on. I must do two things; 1- don't express opinions in the manner of facts, and if I do then never name names. 2- update Preab because it's depressing to look at. Number 2 might never happen, but the intent is there!

Lunchtime is a funny time, whether it's 12pm on 4am lunch has a feeling to it, a half-way-there moment when you know it can't really be all bad, because you've gotten through half okay. Like the time just after Christmas break in college/school term, only for each day. Wish I got presents at lunchtime. But I do think lunchtimes should be shared, a communal experience, so everyone can let that sigh out all at once, the day won’t last too much longer, giving way in the evening to the all enjoyable night. (or if you work nights, giving way to the sunny mornings) The magic of sunset/sunrise really is amazing, not always but sometimes it really can just make a time and place stand out, then and in our memories after. Beautiful sunset last night, all reds and oranges, pinks and then the whites and blues drifting onto it as it vanishes.

Ohyeah, was thinking, a disclaimer is probably important for this blog, not that it would save me too much, but my photographic thievery is ... well, maybe borrower-ery really, I never claim they are my pictures, some of them have been, mostly of lunch, but yeah, sorry to anyone who takes offence to my using their pictures without permission, I will remove them if asked of course. But it's all in the spirit of showing the artistic understanding of a picture. You may think the picture says one thing, to me it says another, that's why they say a picture is worth 1000 words. And besides, it shows that I love the picture, so it's an endorsement of your work. So anyway, yeah, sorry if you don't like people using your images.