Sunday, 17 May 2009

Yo ho ho

And a bottle of... water.
Not drinking isn't fun,
I have moments where I'm glad I can't,
removing temptations etc. but it does make me feel abit silly.
That and I kinda miss that warm fuzzy feeling, the one when you know you're taking it a bit too far. I guess that's the main reason I'm glad too...

Anyway, exams start tomorrow. Will be waking up in almost exactly 13 hours to head in early to get the last few hours (essential) cramming done. All my exams are at 1pm, which is pretty gravy. Exams are Mon,Wed,Fri,Mon,Tue,Thurs. So have a few days around the place to finish off the study. So many bits of courses not done (of course that's why I have time to blog!) and then I'm done on the 18th!

Other than that, lets see, what else haven't I said in this blog?
Did I mention me and Odette were 3 years on the 3rd of May?
Saw Kev for lunch on Friday, played some MTG in Joy Of Coffee, which was good.
Still haven't applied for any postgrad stuff... or gotten on to t'old survey mine to get my old job back (we can hope!).

Other than that I am cold, very sleepy and doubting I will be ready for any of these exams really. If I can pull 75% off in each then I have my first. I think that is an attainable goal. And if I have my first I might just get a PhD position which pays. Which would rawk teh sawks like they have never been rocked... or something. Maybe. Brr.

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