Friday, 12 December 2008


New mother boards for me and Daniel,
Dan's is set up and ready to go, drivers and all, I've spent the last age backing up my schtuff. Fecking millions of pictures from the last 4 years or so, millions! Takes half a day just to back up my stuff. And that isn't counting all my music (98GB+) or movies which are on the terabyte drive. My PC still runs fine, but I like to format once a year.
I think that desktops have a best by, once you start using them, for whatever it is you do, work, play games, type stuff up whatever, it starts to run slower and slower and bogs itself down.
You can defrag it all you like, you can run memory clearing programs, you can go through folder after folder clearing the cobwebs of the modern home (well it's mine anyway :P) and you're still left with something running as fast as molasses flows as a lecturer (Cathal) said to me recently about his work desktop. So I figure, once a year or maybe every second year, a desktop should be formatted and everything should be put on fresh. Plus this makes you back stuff up yearly, so when things inevitably go wrong you have stuff from under a year ago!

The reason I'm typing this is that I can't run programs because it will slow the backing up and I'm waiting for a "151 Minutes Remaining" counter to read something more livable.

Dave gave me a nice new crazy version of Windows to use, some hybrid of XP and Vista with SP2 built in along with a feckload of drivers and programs. Really handy stuff to have usually, probably some unnecessary crap too, but it should be fun.

Got lots of college work to do, and SO MUCH to read, good God do I ever have a lot to read!
Want to type out all of Art O'Hare's Lasers & Optical Communications notes, as his hand writing is a bit difficult to read straight off, plus typing it all out should help me learn it. Then it's just a matter of sifting through all of Liz's notes to find out what I need to know, I think she said she was going to help us with that on Tuesday morning, so have to be in for that. Only two exams at Christmas, so that should mean I have plenty of time to get a good grade out of them both *fingers crossed*.

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