Friday, 20 May 2011

The gig I missed

Well QOTSA played a few meters from where I sleep and I didn't get to see them play.

I did hear every beat though, which rocks, and I got (bad) pictures of them. It was Josh Homme's birthday yesterday, so I guess he left earlier than the others to nurse a hangover maybe. The guy beside me got Joey's drum sticks, right in front of my eyes. I also got to talk to Joey which was epic (although brief). The gig that never was, for me anyway. Or maybe half was is more accurate. Next time eh?


Odette said...

Those pictures aren't bad, ok not exactly paparazzi shots but you definitely know that its them. Its like you were almost there!! x

Oswald C. Cobblepot said...

Heh that picture of Joey is gas....'yeh...I rock'

For a gig that didnt happen it seemed to have been great