Saturday, 21 March 2009


Or was it fourth, Goddamn spelling mistakes.

Twin Peaks ftw, honest to God, what a show!
There's just, wow, watching now, 2nd season 1st ep. end of.

But yeah, anyway, thesis is done and handed in, so one less thing for me to bother everybody about with my incessant whining. Whining, I don't like that word, looks wrong, could be.

Anyway, college gack will begin again Tuesday, gotta catch up on missed lectures. Try get a golden week! Be the first one since 2nd year! I really am a model student. Kinda hoping (another word I don't like, I miss the e) that I can get the photocopies quick and easy, maybe get some reading done from the get go. Be nice to make my two weeks off two weeks Off. Although I know that wont happen.

What a show, every second word has a deep meaning. WHAT. A. SHOW. "my grandson is studying magic".

Haven't seen Odette in like two weeks, which sucks, but we both have had a lot of work to do, the two hours journey time added into a day can really set you back... Hopefully see her on Thursday or Friday.

Dunno what else to say really, kinda wanna play Day Of Defeat: Source, kinda wanna do lots of things. Want to see Odette really. Whine Whine Whine.


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