Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Life the universe and everything.

So yeah, finished Twin Peaks season 2 Monday night, creeped the fuck out'a me I'll say.
Had some trouble looking in mirrors, closing my eyes, hearing what I thought were owls.
God I love that show. So much fun to get a good creepy feeling, like you just feel so damn scared while laughing because you know how stupid you're being.

College is going grand, been to every lecture so far this week. Are you shocked?!
Gotta photocopy notes tomorrow, going to sort out the dates I need tonight then hopefully sort it out tomorrow so I can be ready to start the big push up Mt.Study.

Got gets 'em till their teens then the devil gets 'em till their twenty.
Love that quote. Seems so true.

Really want to give my site a good overhaul, but I'm never going to do that.
Downloaded Tie Fighter the 1994 game, gotta set up some crazy ass thing to get it to work, but as soon as I do some good old fashioned fun will be had. So damn glad to be finished with the thesis. Gotta figure out when I'm seeing my mammy next. Gotta make it soon.

Away I go, to continue this endless battle. (not that I'm complaining, sorry if it seems like I complain too much)

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