Thursday, 28 April 2011

So what you're saying is...

Rightso, back to blogging?
Do you think I can do it? Do I think I can do it?

The biggest problem is the whole day to day idea I was trying to keep, it has meant that I now have a massive half empty blog post of days that have gone by and clues for myself to fill in the events of the past... months.

I can cut all that down to this I think:
lots has happened, I didn't fail my continuation Thing (ergo I get to stay in TCD to finish my PhD short of anything awful), still love Odette to bits, hamster still epicly cute, still listen to massive amounts of music, still working in lab/office & forgetting to eat, still cooking things and adding far too much chilli so you can't taste anything properly and still failing to get out of bed after my alarm goes off and missing the real morning hours.

Also still being crap at family-keep-up (a game I've realised I've been failing at for a long time). Although I have to say, was good on Easter Sunday, went back to my dad's and hung out for the evening, was bullied by Alannah (3) and went to see my nana which was all great. Also saw my mam a few weekends ago on a Saturday evening, we had a few glasses of wine and tapas in a place in Ranelagh while she was in Dublin teaching. So haven't been As bad. But still haven't seen my nana&grandad since they had their 50th wedding aniversary... which was ages ago. I know, I suck.

I've no pictures of my own to add to this (in college) but this is my current college PC background:

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Odette said...

Your summary was very good, I think you just about got everything in!! Oh and you're such a typical boy with your desktop background!!