Saturday, 16 April 2011


Well, it's been awhile hasn't it.

Uber stress for Mr. Isaac I'm afraid, massive amount of work for continuation/transfer. But that is mostly behind us now, so on with life and on with blogging!

Last Saturday (9th April) I went out to Odette's, we'd maybe planned on going for a walk but stormy clouds made the walk look risky so instead Odette made a lovely picnic for us and I went to her house and we hung out in the back garden while the sun was out.

It was really lovely, couscous, hummus and carrot and homemade frozen yogurt. Very tasty all round! Other weekends have also come and gone, they all merge in my mind in some ways but I have pictures to prove there were different ones!

Found a really big dead crab on day and left it in a metal hoop

Not too sure why.

Had my birthday at some stage in the past few weekends

either that or I like blowing candles out on cakes.

I was also in London with Odette at some stage


And have spent much time photographing and videoing Nuvola (the products of which are adorable and must be uploaded to YouTube soon)


Jane said...

Sooo jealous, that picnic looks fab and Odette always looks so pretty in every picture!!!

Odette said...

Oh Nuvola looks so adorable! She really loved the rocket leaf.
That pic from us in London is really nice too hun <3