Friday, 25 February 2011

Quickly quickly

Happy (not) pancake Tuesday... I have been misinformed, which has lead to me misinforming others. Which has lead to the possibility of having Two pancake Tuesdays in the space of a few weeks. Wonderful result eh?

So I woke up, a little later than I had planned but still, early enough, but Kevin then told me New Zealand had been hit by an earthquake. So I looked up the distance between Christchurch and Wellington (where Rory, Stephen and Sue are at the moment), around 450 km, what time the quake hit, around 1pm local time (aka around midnight GMT), so I checked their respective Facebook pages just to make sure [though Kev did say Sue had updated since, just wanted to make sure] and Sue had updated saying their fine "about an hour ago". Good good.

Sort notes, shower, dress, eat toast, drink tea, get to college. Morning plans go-now!

Morning plan falls flat, extra extra!
Spoke to Rory & Stephen on gchat, they are, indeed, okay. Good times, wish I was there though, be great. But the PhD wont last forever, then some freedom! Maybe >.> Ugh. Life is stressful, what happens if I get offered a great postdoc or something, will everyone hate me if I just work forever?

Mmmm, damn tasty. Nice brown toast, Natura e Bonta spicy veg. pesto-esque stuff & Corleggy smoked Drumlin cheese. Mmmm mmmmmm. Also, Barry’s tea brewed for a min or so with a bit of milk. Today has been good, but I think it may have jumped the shark already. How could it get better? Ohwait, pancakes later. Yes!

Sometimes I'm nervous eating at my desk, esp. since my PC now lives next to my chair like this:

as it kept overheating in its normal tower position. Stupidly designed case, really need to get looking for a new case with uber fannage.

The morning went quickly, and then the afternoon followed suit. Now somehow it is 5pm. Bye bye daytime. I'm not going to do 2.5 hours of lab work.. there is no point, that wont do anything. I am meeting Odette (I think) at around 7:30pm, not changing that. It's (not) pancake Tuesday afterall!

Well I met Odette at around 8pm in the end, we did some shopping in the new Tesco on Fleet Street for pancake ingredients. We had spelt pancakes made by around 9:20pm and we enjoyed them with fresh made blueberry & raspberry coulis.

I can’t take the credit for doing anything other than look (half) pretty and letting Odette do all the work, what else am I good for really? Crashed out quite early then, Kevin, Matthew & Adam ate pancakes in the kitchen from around 10pm but I was pancaked out and feel very sleepy. Roll on not-pancake Wednesday?

Went in to college early, got set up as best I could for the Sn experiment, got working on it properly by about 11am, worked then through (bar around 30mins for a late lunch at about 4:30pm) until bang on 7pm when I met Gearoid and we walked up to Bleeding Horse on Camden St. to meet Tony et al. for his going away drinks.

(this is what I look like when doing science)
They had a promotion of 4 bottles of Brahama for €10, this wasn’t a good thing for me. Haven’t a clue how much I drank but it was clearly enough for bouncers to tell me I was too drunk and for me to lose the hours between 1:30am and 3am and then storm into the apt, ignore Kevin for some unknown reason, slam my door and then fall asleep after failing to get more than my coat and one of my shoes off.
I will say now, how Odette puts up with me I will never know.

This was a painful morning, I woke up at about 10:30am and realised I was in a bad way, one shoe still on laying in a bed totally covered in clothes and junk from my room which I hadn’t been bothered to move clearly. I tried to find my phone then and found it in my coat pocket. 20 missed calls and dozen messages… ohdear. Anyway, I really am sorry I worried Odette (again) and that I did such damage to my head that I couldn’t face the world properly when I really should have been analysing the data I got the day before. Eventually I got up and showered and checked emails and tried to deal with the world while I had the feeling like the roof of my mind would cave in at any moment and I would be left trapped in a painful little hell inside my head.
Skip forward to 5:30 pm I met Gearoid, Inam & Clelia at Mongolian Barbeque. Tony was next to arrive, then Bredan, then James came along and was followed soon after by Ronan and Ciaran. We then got into the food, my explanation of how things worked didn’t seem to help anyone really though and it was the second bowl that everyone seemed to find their feet. I was glad my body allowed me to eat, for most of the time we had been waiting for the others to arrive I had been sitting in silence trying to not give in to the awful feelings in the back of my head. But once I got food in me I livened up a fair bit and managed four bowls of food. We went to Foggy Dew then where they had pints and I sat, digesting and chatting to Clelia about music. I left, not before others had, but still early enough, talked to Odette on the phone then, was home by 10:45 ish &then fell asleep by around midnight.

Woke up at 8am, lay about until about 8:45 when I went and put the kettle on and made sure Kev was ready to book me some QOTSA tickets. Unfortunately they sold out in no time at all, so come 9am the site was telling us there were no available tickets, and despite around 15minutes of checking over and over for a ticket I was left with none. This was saddening, so I listened to two QOTSA albums and started to read over notes to try put together slides for the mid term review of the project I’m funded by out in UCD… I am still looking at these slides. 10 slides, that sounds like it shouldn’t take long. Try hours, feck I’d say a day or two, I’m nowhere near happy with what I’ve put on the 5 slides I have Anything on. Hopefully James will be able to give me some good ideas and a good way to work through them. Had a nice mug of tea and a banana for breakfast, then a really nice smoothie for lunch, going to meet Odette at 4:30pm and am looking forward to that.

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