Friday, 4 February 2011

Times like these

I'm sure if I held off to write a blog post this evening it would have alot more in it.
But I also know that I will probably forget again if I don't just do it now. Reaching a good stage in this experiment, although the spectra make very little sense to me I have recorded 250 of them, so whatever it is that's happening I should at least have enough data to make a good guess, maybe write a paper with Gearoid about it? Or so James suggested, fingers crossed we can get something interesting out of all this work anyway.

Other than that, well, I'm feeling massively tired. But looking forward to meeting Catherine for Wagamama and then meeting Celia et al. for dinner at 8:30pm, then drinks after. Wont be hitting the double vodka martini wagon this time though. Although I don't think the walk home would take me quite so long this time around, you never know. And I can't afford to be buying new glasses, gloves and keys every few months really haha.

Family can ignore the above as rambling about nothing.
Also, anyone who reads this, comment, tell me something, anything. I know Someone is reading the blog directly, US, Italian and Irish IPs have been logged, so chances are at least one of them is something other than a spider.

But yes, life. Good stuff eh? Tomorrow is my brothers 15th birthday... 1996 to now, yeah, 15th. I remember being 15, that was an awful year. Hope he weathers it better than I did, fewer scars and mistakes (I wont be writing this on his birthday card mindyou, lets not be downers). I can hardly believe what age I am, who allows a Thing like me be deemed anything other than a child ever. Well, someone else’s mistake that was, giving me a vote and money, what fools. Haha, time to do some work, the chamber has returned to atmo. so it's time to switch the polished target for the normal one and get on with ion measurements, yeahboi, Gotta Take The Power Back.

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Odette said...

HI! I'm not a spider! Hehehe
Although I found one in my room earlier as a was hoovering and gave out such a scream! I hoovered it up and now I'm worried that it's going to crawl out and seek revenge eek!

Hope your bro has a nice birthday. I hated 15 too, but i'm sure he'll have a good year. :)