Thursday, 3 February 2011


Well it's a kick in the teeth to find out you're a day behind yourself,
this week needs to just slow down there altogether. Need to get some things done now, so stop all this fast moving. Ain't fair to just pass my by like that, think you owe me an extra day as an apology.
Well now, seems I left this blog post unfinished (practically unstarted says you) yesterday. How silly of me..
Worked on the transfer all morning, worked in the lab all afternoon, met Odette at 6pm, had dinner in Taco Taco, went back to the apt for a little while, then went to Hard Rock Café in Temple Bar to meet her archaeology friends at the society night out. Stayed there until closing drinking cocktails and chatting about archaeology postgrad work, how their PhD funding is awarded, teaching undergrads, PHD comics, how one of the girls grandmother nearly killed Einstein in a car while he was crossing the road talking intently about physics to her grandfather who was his work colleague.. and many other topics. Then went back to the apt and continued drinking a little and chatting to Kev. Now it is Friday morning and I want to go back to bed.
But good times had by all I believe.

Now to kick Friday's ass.

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Odette said...

I hope you got to kick lots of ass on Friday! Mine was pretty much a wash out.
The night out was really fun though, you're amazing how you can just chat to anyone. I love that about you :)