Wednesday, 9 February 2011


I feel like death, got a hard case of man flu, you know how it goes, be dead in an hour, can only see out of my ear. Makes for a fun me I’m sure, and of all days to really feel taken down on it’s the middle of the week, I’ve a million and one things to do and I’m heading to see my mam for the first time since early November. Good times, great timing as always.

Not getting anywhere with the stupid experiment, just one thing after the other. But nobody cares to hear more about that. Least of all me.

Looking forward to seeing my mother et al. up the side of the mountain, want the weather to be good & get a nice trip up for a weekend. Feck it, I really want some time away from it all. Can’t wait for this bloody transfer to be over and done with so I can get it out of my head and on with life. Have to get this stuff done, bloody annoying stuff. Stupid experiment.

Hope the weekend will be a good one, Josh’s 21st birthday, as good an excuse as any to relax. Anyway, I’ve to get to Ballymun to get my lift and I’m going to go grab some lunch first with Odette. Until we meet again!

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