Monday, 14 February 2011

Forget you?

Never, I was just resting my eyes for a moment and suddenly it wasn't the right day anymore, or even really the right week, but I'd never Forget.

Happy Valentine's Day one and all, enjoy it as you should any other day, just try and fit one extra hug in there somewhere, don't forget we're all the same under the silly attitudes and everyone deserves a hug at least sometimes.

Lab work last week resulted in lots of more round about’s thinking over how we align our optics and which methods of checking alignment work for me best. It's good in some ways to be driven round and round with equipment and setup because it teaches you the hard way how to do something right so you can (hopefully) get it the first time around next time. Must remember to write out all the little ideas and processes used to get the experiments rolling smooth, even just so I don't forget them. This is what held us up, the non uniformity of the laser ablation crater.

When Odette saw the image she instantly began singing Poor Leno by Röyksopp, crazy concentric ring laser ablation eyed target-for-a-face face monster. It's alive, ALIVE.
(YOU WANT TO WATCH AN EPIC MOVIE, WATCH Young Frankenstein. Watched it again recently, well most of it, such an amazingly funny movie. Great love for Mr. Wilder.)

Here is an ablation eye (a.k.a. crater) up-close:

Bloody Frenchy froggies singing some drunken songs on the street outside, Sin blasting away into the night its bass-y tunes, drunken smokers releasing their vile smelling foul-ity upwards such that I can't open my doors to let in the night's cool air (not to mention their noisy drunken blabbering but I have headphones to help block that out).

Also, I recently dug my old Kodak Advantix camera out of a box, so my camera collection is looking a little something like this:

Minus the two cameras I am using at the moment (Olympus SP-560UZ & Nikon S8000) and the Sony Handycam which I use as a webcam/Skype mic as I lack many occasions to film things really.
I do love my camera collection, and want to get them all running properly, need to test most of them to see if age has had its way with them yet or if they are still functioning as new.

For now it is bed time though, so thoughts shall be of restful things before the week wakes me to begin (an end of) the experiments which have been plaguing me since Christmas. Until tomorrow?

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