Friday, 25 February 2011

I gave up

Things got on top of me and I let them beat me into not doing things online,
however, I am now caught up on Reader, FB and Twitter.. so that just leaves this thing here, my Fludge. Well, there were lots of things that happened recently, and I Wanted to tell them all. However, now I cannot remember what I wanted to say at all at all.

Let's see, I updated on the morning before I went up to my mammy's house for the evening (Wed. 9th Feb.). So I will do a day by day run down to bore any remaining readers away from here. Or not, whatever.

Wednesday 9th Feb
I felt like death, had a bad cold coming on, was in college in the morning, left early for lunch with Odette and after leaving her to a bus I went to meet Michele in the Travelodge in Ballymun and did around 4pm, went to Co. Louth with her to see my mother. Had a lovely dinner with them, chatted to Karen for ages and played with the dogs. Went to bed quite early because I was getting up early for a lift back to Dublin

Got a lift back from Co. Louth bright and early the next morning, was back in town for 8:30am, the day went by in a flash, did some work, got some results, nothing really worked properly as usual but I left and met Odette at 6pm and hung out with her for the evening which was nice. Always good to get to spend time with her.

Went to college early, left Odette off to a bus into college & worked all day then. Met Odette again in the evening, planning on going to a party for Josh's 21st.. but it was cancelled, apparently it was never really going ahead. So I had dragged Odette to town for no reason other than to spend time with me (not that that is a bad reason), we had dinner in Mao but after that we both felt crap & really tired and we ended up falling asleep at like 8pm.

On Saturday Odette had her girlies over in the evening, so we did food shopping in the morning, cooking in the afternoon and in the evening when Kevin was off work him & myself walked to Joe Burger in Rathmines, it was really good. If you have not been there and like lamb burgers (or any burgers) go there, and eat well for a pretty good price. After eating a massive amount we walked around to try find Fern’s house because we knew she lived near there on a T junction. Eventually we found her & her brother wandering around trying to find an open chemist because Fern wasn’t feeling well. The four of us slowly wombled down Camden St., first in search of cold/flu medicine, then in search of a cup of tea. Unfortunately Fern gave up around George’s St and our party became 2. Kevin & myself went and did indeed get a LPT in JoC/Brick Alley CafĂ© and stayed there for ages, chatting to staff and then watching a very very drunken man lean against the door and slowly fall over, then get up.. and then slowly fall over. Lots of people stopped along Essex St. To photograph him or just watch his slow rise and fall along the doorframe. We gave up on this after over filling with tea & went back to the apt. to find 3 drunken dancing girls, haha. They weren’t really drunk, but they were really dancing. Left them to it really, I was wrecked and just sat at my PC until around 3am when Odette collapsed from too much dancing and the music, both in Sin & in the apt., fell silent. That is when I went to sleep.

The next morning I woke up early with Odette, she was in work at 10am in Dalkey and was getting a lift at 9:30 from the quays. So she hopped up and went to the bathroom mirror to clean the makeup off her eyes and fell over. The poor dear literally collapsed and blacked out, I caught her as quick as I could and dragged her from the bathroom and placed a pillow under her head trying not to move her neck. I was thinking all the worst things and for about 30 seconds I was in first aid mode (although I failed to put her into the recovery position). She came around quickly and assured me she was okay and not to call an ambulance.. Anyway, she was indeed okay, I made her lay still for awhile and then helped her up and watched her closely until it was time to walk her to her lift. Once that craziness was over & Odette was on her way to work I started sorting out pictures, printing and cutting them for Josh's birthday present. Odette’s girlies left for work and home after awhile and I washed some dishes and then cut more pictures. Then went with Kev to buy the photo album for Josh (and a paper for Kev) and finished as many pictures as I could. Got to Dave’s around 5pm and went straight for dinner. Was a lovely family dinner out, the restaurant was very nice, a new Italian place in Ballygall, where the laundrette used to be on Fitzmaurice Road. I went back to Dave’s after for a little while and then back to town then because I had a group meeting on Monday morning to prep for.

Valentine's Day, well I did update with A post then, but it wasn't a blog post, just a rant about loving each other. There is so much hate and destruction, so many people dying fighting one another, it's good to take a moment to make all this awful stuff around us an exception to the rule rather than making kindness and love the exceptions. But anyway, was a good day, took off from college a little early, made Odette dinner in the evening and we watched Singing In The Rain. Was a nice Valentine's Day, carved Nuvola a heart out of the red pepper I had cooked with (see picture in previous post).

Left Odette in the apt. reading papers, she had decided trekking to UCD was pointless when I had a quiet desk to work at and internet connection available. I headed out to UCD for 12am to get sorted with some info. on a piece of equipment they bought which I wanted to replicate. I ended up staying out there for longer than I had expected, got a coffee with Enda and talked to him about his college routine and how life was going with him. Do miss the old DIT days still myself. Got back into town for around 4pm and then went and got my keys back off Odette at 4:30 and left her to a bus home. Went down to the lab then and got stuff organised to begin getting data, before I started I met Valentin & Sophie at 5:20 pm to give them a tour of the lab and show them how everything worked. They headed off around 6pm and I stayed in the lab working late through the evening and then until midnight. Was falling apart brain-wise by the time I left, had yet to get the ion probe signals which was stupid but it wasn’t working out and by then I was in no mood to figure stuff out so I left the last bit of work until the next day.

Got set up in the morning in the lab, before I took the measurements I met Odette for lunch at 11:30am, after that we got all our ion probe measurements done before it was late so didn't have to work late that evening, Kevin's mam was staying over and they were finishing dinner when I got home. Had a quiet night, just relaxed knowing I’d have to organise data and get ready to do the whole lot with the experiment again for tin soon.

Can't really remember what happened... spoke to James on the phone at some stage as he was off to Denmark, pretty much just did college work. Was one of Those days, think the midnight lab work had sapped me of any want to continue in the lab for that time.

I went to college early-ish, which means early for me, worked away and talked with Gearoid because we were meeting James on Monday to show results from the experiment. Worked along then until I met Odette just after 5pm, had dinner in Wagamama at 6ish, went back to hers and watched some TV and she fell asleep on my shoulder at around 11pm, so cute, she was wall fallingly tired.

Woke up in Odette's house around 10:30, her mother's parents were over so got to say hello to them, had breakfast with Odette first, watched Saturday Kitchen. Odette was in work at 1pm & I had planned on leaving at 12 and working in the lab all day... then I convinced myself not to and spent the rest of Saturday in the apt. not achieving a whole bunch but it was a relaxing day anyway. In the evening Kevin and myself walked to Phibsborough to Peter's house for his going away thing. Didn't stay long though, got there around 9pm and left around 10pm (I think). Walked back into town and got a LPT in JoC and chatted to the staffers there for awhile. Went home then and talked to Odette on the phone and that was Saturday over.

Sunday I got up early..ish, although maybe 9am is early for a Sunday? Anyway, had planned on going to college to do the experiment with tin but again convinced myself not to go in because James had asked us to discuss the results before moving on to another element. So once again I was just in the apt. all day, though I did do some reading, but nothing much really.
Then in the evening people came over from Fallon & Byrne for Rachel's last day there, Kevin cooked pizzas from scratch, base and all. Were nice, though I burned my tongue so bad I can feel it stinging still. They all went out then after some of us had vodka & sorbet for desert, I decided I didn't want to go, instead I washed all the pots & dishes, cleaned all the flour off everything, swept, spoke to Odette on the phone, put all the tea towels on to wash and then mopped the floor in the kitchen. Went to bed then and read for awhile, then Kevin et al. returned so I got up and said hello, Rachel left then, I squeezed a lemon into a pint of water, as I do, drank it all and went back to bed.

Woke up at 7:30 to my alarm, got up, checked my emails.. went back to bed. 8:30, got up, put on the emersion.. went back to bed. 8:55 got up and showered, dressed, failed to find a breakfast worth having, washed teeth and went to college. Checked lab was all still in order, sat in office, realised I hate today already and it's not even 10:30 am yet. Debated a coffee & flapjack of some sort..

got myself a latte & a hazelnut flapjack, damn tasty, though the almond one seems a lot less oily (though it is with non hydrogenated vegetable margarine, so the lesser of two weevils [best movie joke ever]). We'll see how the rest of today goes, I will stop typing a minute by minute run down. For now.

Great little video of the flight path, for want of a better phrase (controlled orbits? Anyway..), of the Mercury bound Messenger probe launched by NASA back on 3rd August, 2004. Astrophysics comes across some much cooler than most other fields, I guess the pressure of getting every last little detail perfect must be a major stressor. Not to mention having to wait 7 years for your data to be available.

Also, very cool talk on the Evidence for Ocean on Titan, by Prof. Francis Nimmo of UCSC. Have yet to watch through the full talk, but the first 10mins is very interesting. Although, I can't help but compare him to Prof. Ian Duncan (Community) in my head. I think it's the voice, am I the only one?

The more I work in one area of physics the more I want to learn in other areas, the fifth law of student life, or the Grass Is Always Greener theory as it's sometimes known.

Came home at about 6:30pm and literally collapsed onto bed, dug iPad out of bag and read tweets without moving more than my finger to scroll for about 35 minutes. So bloody tired. Got up then when Kev came in from work.. and watched the two Harold & Kumar movies back to back. I do not know why. But that was the best end to a President's Day I've ever noticed I lived through. Watching George W. Jr get wasted, what President's Day was no doubt made for.

Then I noticed KT Tunstall outside signing autographs, so I took a blury picture of the top of her head and waved to (her) fans.
Did this last part while speaking to Odette on the phone, and now it is time for bed.

^ All of the above was typed over a large number of days, I can only imagine how all over the place it is and how many things I left in I meant to take out not to mention things I've forgotten to mention. Editing this mess is far worse than any report editing I've ever had to do. Will continue to write up for the days since Monday, but I thought while I have this much done I may aswell update. Comment to tell me how little you care to hear the silly details of my life :P

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