Monday, 7 February 2011


Forgot to fledge last night, and I've a group meeting to prepare for now, so this will be brief.

Spent the day at home again, hardly slept during the night, just up looking at old pictures and such. Over Christmas I had turned my room over looking for this and that. Add to this some sibling invasion to replace my desk with theirs and use my wardrobe as their second and you've got an idea of what work needed doing. Meant I came across a lot of stuff I had hurried way back in 5th year of second level though which was cool. Should have taken pictures of some of the stuff, like my old MicroMachines and suchlike.

Anyway mucked about with that stuff in my room and somehow managed to forget to sleep until 4am or so and then when I got up continued and didn't eat or drink a thing until dinner then. Memories try to kill you I guess. After dinner I tried to clean everything away neat and tidy and then came back to town, watched a bit of a movie with Kevin, talked to Odette on the phone, fed Nuvola and hit the hay. Now opts today and I've to prep for a group meeting in under 2 hours, argh. Goodbye.

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