Tuesday, 1 February 2011


I remembered, it's still today. Hah!
Just a quick fludge before bed, tomorrow is liable to go either of two ways;
working late in lab getting exp. to a good state before the sun explodes or time ends
meeting Odette after a normal working day in the lab.
Just in case I have enough pasta made to do either lunch or dinner, will decide which tomorrow and substitute something else for lunch if late working is required. For some reason I kinda like working in the lab until all hours.. Sometimes, sortof.

This is what a plasma looks like expanding into a vacuum, a Nd:YAG laser pulse strikes the target at time = 0 and within a few micro seconds it's all over but for the shouting. We use a spectrometer, ion probes and sometimes fast gated visible imaging to diagnose and analyse the plasma. This one is of silver, expanding for an elliptical spot about 4 mm x 3 mm with a fluence of around 1.4 Jcm-2.
So yeah, science eh?

I also made banana bread when I got home, and took out the bins, sorted some recycling and did the dishes. I might be some sort of superhero and nobody has informed me? (or I just need to find a new game/TV show that I enjoy, also, I am starting to hate TV, stupid box of death).
Wow, this is getting weird. Bed time.

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