Monday, 31 January 2011

How To Cook Forty Humans

Yesterday I ate a very large amount, as did the near 20 people in the apt. Oh so much food, delicious dinner & dessert (and guacamole). I was tired when I got back to the apt at 2pm, so after a few beers and a mountain of food the tiredness forced me into a food coma.

Oh the desserts, they were epic in both amount and flavour. Much of the early conversation yesterday, esp. between Nash, Sean, Kev & myself was about how The Simpsons raised our generation (which Rory has always held to be very true) and how awful it will be when in 20 years time we are quoting the classic, amazing lines to our kids and it will fall on deaf ears, or as Kev said they will simply say "TLDR" in response. That will be a sad thing to see.

Overall dinner went very well, Kev cooked a serious amount of food and good on him for it, very impressive stuff. I know I won’t need to eat for the next week anyway. Speaking of this week, I know it is going to fly by. Wish I could get to see Odette more, miss her already. Want to just up and leave college this minute and go walk to Bray from town, or to Howth. Would love to go to Wexford soon, spending a month down there would be a very welcome change of pace.

Now to do some work, everything is setup so I can't delay any longer.

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