Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Hungry people..

don't stay hungry for long.

Met Odette again yesterday, watched some more Community, had a dal tarka & chicken rogan josh both with pilau rice from Shan, sometimes it's nice just not to cook. Was a nice evening with her, put her on a dart just before 10pm. Went home, did the dishes, cleaned away anything out of place in the apt. as Kevin was arriving home from London at midnight, spent my time sorting movies, music videos and TV shows on my external HDDs in prep. for building a new PC. Will need to buy another external I think, or maybe just loan one from Dave. Gotta back that sh..tuff up.

Today is a pain. I can feel it, just sitting there, looking at me. With those evil eyes, all expectant. Well I can tell you here and now, I’m going to do nothing of the sort Day, nothing. You can’t make me. So many things to do, I might just write a list and show you all* tomorrow.

(*you all probably means Kev, but hey, that’s the way it goes)

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