Monday, 24 January 2011


They'll do that to you,
kept saying to myself "Oh I simply must remember to blog" (my inner voice is quite proper).
Alas the fludge has not flowed for 2 days, a failure, utterly. Today has been a lab day, realigned the entire setup, every optic, now the spot size looks better (though still not fully elliptical) and in a while I will check the spectra. So fingers crossed I may have got this one nearly in the bag, the bag is out and ready for it.

Friday evening I went out to Odette's and had dinner with her, hung out for the evening and watched some TV (Iron Maiden documentary was pretty good, mad yolks the lot of them). Saturday woke up around 11am, hung about for the morning, then went for a walk with Odette, got asked our opinions on Cowen stepping down as leader of FF for RTÉ 6pm news, had dinner in Mao and then went back to Odette's and watched TV for the evening. Sunday morning Odette had to work, I got a dart back to town, hung about the apt., washed dishes, cleaned the place a bit, watched some Star Trek:TNG and then in the evening after Kev was finished work Seb came over and the three of us played Die Siedler Von Catan. Good times all round, didn't quite seize the weekend as much as I should have, but I find I'm tired all the time, even thinking about the transfer report is making me tired.

Come 16th April, when it's all over, I will be a new man. A far less tired one I hope. Fingers crossed between this and then my hair doesn't turn totally grey and my eyes don't fall out.

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Odette said...

Glad you had a nice weekend :) It was odd being asked what we thought of Biffo.. funny though! You're a star!!