Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Missed me

Distractions distractions,
talk about an easy mind to distract. And a headless fool with this mind indeed, walked out without my glasses this morning. Don't even know how I did that, must be going mad. Think I just need more time off, can't wait to be done with the transfer report, mostly the presentation I'm worried about, hate standing up infront of people.

My weekend flew by in a heartbeat which didn't help, and the experiment not working is still doing my head in. Had a good weekend though, Steve came over Sunday evening and we watched Monty Python's The Meaning of Life, hadn't seen it in ages. Yesterday then I had a group meeting, explained what's happened with the exp. and how I'm just going around in circles with the spectrometer. Just have to keep at it. Then Clelia did her dry run for her viva, was good, made me nervous about the transfer because I don't know the theory half as well as she does. Had a coffee with her and Inam after the talk which was nice, good to chat with them. Met Odette then after and had a lovely dinner and watched some Community episodes, Odette hadn't seen it before. It's a good show, worth a watch if you haven't already.

Bloody noise on the street meant neither of us could sleep for ages, must have woken up 20 times with different things, then the kegs being taken and delivered this morning. Enough to drive you mad. Got up and watched Sue & Giles' Good Life with sign language because we couldn't sleep, why do deaf people get stuck with insomniac times to watch TV? Seems a little pointless and unfair to me.

Anyway, have to get down the lab and get the bloody spectrometer working, going to try image a mesh onto the slit, assure the lens is imaging the right plane and doing it properly. Bloody optics, can't trust them to do anything right.

How memory chips are made, saw this sort of process line in Intel in Leixlip, crazy to think it really is ticking along 24/7/365.

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