Sunday, 30 January 2011

One more

I can't help missing a few, does two fludges today make up for it? Probably not,
but I have been awake for around 25mins only so far, so for me it still is sortof yesterday..I mean today >.>

Macs are a pain in the ass, too "user friendly", I want my OS hacked to crap and capable of anything. Really need to start using Linux full time and forget Windows too, just ends up being more hassle than help. This bleedin' post has taken me nearly two hours because Odette keeps getting me to read things or help her with thing. So Demanding! Had a lovely walk yesterday though, out for nearly 3 hours to Killiney beach, along it, and back.

Was a bit cold with your face into the breeze but was a very nice day for a walk otherwise. Would love more time to go for long walks and undertake the half a million projects I plan. But that's life eh? This weeks plan is to try and see family, haven't seen my mother since November if you'd believe that, what a shit son I can be eh? Anyway, here are some pictures of the view yesterday, looks a little like something from Half Life 2 I think, was out that way sometime last year and there was a thick fog out to sea, really made it look HL2-esque.

Sunset on Dalkey island, lovely pinky colour, lasted about 15 minutes and then was gone.

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Odette said...

Oh you took some lovely photos, I really don't like that one of me, THE CROWS FEET!! ewww

Lovely picture of Dalkey Island though, can't wait to bring you out there over the summer.

And you're not a bad son <3