Wednesday, 12 January 2011

And the native species have...

today is hump day as my aunt would call it, nearly there, nearly through that perilous "working week". Have to say, I'm not feeling it. But yesterday, that went like a flash. Little bits and bobs to do at the moment in college, tons of them, but most of the short term goals are short, which is good. I met Hermia & Stephen after college for dinner, last time for 6 months on account of Stephen heading to New Zealand (also, were lacking Rory as he is already there). Always nice to see friends..
Spaced family of the 21st century
suddenly came into my head.
I think I am finished working today, to be honest I didn't get half of what I planned to do done, but I plan to work late Friday and then work Sunday, group meeting Monday and group is slowly reassembling at the moment, so best clear up some loose ends by Monday and then start a fresh sheet of aims Monday afternoon.

I need to bring my HDD to work, it has images I can use for these fludges.

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