Sunday, 16 January 2011

Missed it,

Missed another day, spent it with Odette and woke up really late because coffee and Sin being loud meant little sleep.

This is what I should be doing when I put pictures here and the reason I haven't been? I dick around alot and find images everywhere. Watermarks are something I'd never change though, but still. Killing the internet. Sorry.

Had a really good dinner Friday night, I made it myself, a recipe of Odette's which she walked me through. Damn tasty. Yesterday was fun anyway, went to Sophie's going away thing, drank a bit, played a crazy game called Jungle Speed which gets crazy when drink is plentiful. Was a well mixed group, half knowing people makes games more fun, because cheating is so much easier when people don't know me haha.

Off to do some food shopping.

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