Saturday, 8 January 2011

Week's ending!

Short fludge every day? As a part of my be-more-involved-with-life initiative?
Can I do this?

Need to organise myself in so many ways, enjoying life though, lots.
Working in the lab all day today, not on my own experiment which is a shame, but still interesting stuff. Working with all due haste, fingers crossed I will be finished with it all before too long and I can get going home, watch some Red Dwarf and paint some WW2 model planes (1:72 scale, will put pics up if I can do them any justice).

Had a lovely lunch courtesy of the lovely Odette, left over dinner from last night. She is off up a hill/mountain somewhere in Carlow today doing an Indianette Jones day with some other adventuring archaeologists.

So yeah, short blog posts? Win or lose? You tell me.
(Now imagine an image of a bear holding a watering can and wondering how to get a drink from it, this image is what I want in this blog post. Enjoy)

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