Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Lunch is over,

go now.

Had the most dull dreams last night, at some stage it involved rearranging the thumb tacks in a notice board. My day was dull enough, but dreams that deathly dull should be reserved for those in the 7th circle of hell.

Need to wake up earlier though, college drains me so much I have to learn to take full advantage of the morning time. Made a lovely omelette last night for dinner, 2 eggs, quarter pint of milk, mushrooms, onion, garlic, tomatoes, peppers, chilli flakes, salt and pepper. Fried the onions for ages on low heat, added garlic, peppers, mushrooms and chilli and turned up the heat. Then added the tomatoes and egg/milk beaten together with salt and pepper and turned up the heat again. Popped the whole thing under the grill on max until it looked good and done. Had half it with some brown bread roll Kev had got and had the other half for lunch just there.

I take ages to cook the simplest things, because I like cooking slowly and being relaxed about it. Could never work as a cook, everything would take all year.. that and I'd eat it all before it was served.

Have to get to work analysing past data, get it ready for the transfer report. Feeling totally lost about it all really, need to sit down and just work through everything. Just get out of the lab and have no new deadlines, just report work. March 28th it's due, I want it in March 21st. But so far I just have a template, haven't even thought about which font to use and we all know that takes months to decide haha.

... time to go back to the lab. À bientôt.

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