Thursday, 20 January 2011

Torpedos away.

Today was a quick day & you can't tell me otherwise, because I wont listen. I'm like that you see, I'm the kind of man that separates the saucer section while travelling at warp 9.9. Yeah. Never fight a life form that can do "all those things" haha.

Okay, so I went to UCD this morning to meet Tony regarding the lending of a deuterium lamp. Was nice to chat with Tony for the hour and a bit I was there, would be good to work with him more often but he is off to work in France soon now. Really just need a postdoc. in our group to be honest, would love to run the lab forever sometimes, keeping it running is quite fun if sometimes maddening when things aren't treated right.
Back on track though, I got the lamp and had to lug it in it's huge box to the bus and into the lab in TCD. The stuff didn't weigh much but the box really did, good work out for the forearms, also brought our power supply back in my backpack. Quite a journey, but good to get things done, going to get the pleasure of working with Tony on the calibrations in the coming days.

Really want to clean and sort the lab, would love a month or two and some money to get the lab organised and gather lists of all the equipment the group has in all four labs.

But now is relaxing time, lets not get all post atomic horror on this bad boy. T'aint the late 21st century yet. But this sure isn't a hallucination or dream either. But at least you're aquatinted with the judge.

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