Saturday, 5 February 2011

Family and friends

Although these are one in the same, I try to keep my family in my head as friends and my friends in head as family. But yes, today I got to see all of my siblings in one day, which hasn't happened in a Long time, and what is seldom is wonderful they say, although it is possibly too seldom it is indeed wonderful. Watching The Kings Speech, saw it in the cinema but good to watch again, I do love that era in most every way, and the acting is simply wonderful. Well worth a watch, some great lines and great moments with the political greats of the world before one of the worst times in the planets history.

I enjoy the recent history of the world in that respect, to see how mankind can treat itself and each other in bother awful and wonderful ways, the unification of a nation or even half the world and then the borders people can make to separate themselves from their fellow man due to race, religion or creed. Anyway, those of us who care already know all this and those who don't know it probably don't care. But I do love mankind, sometimes.

Sad to hear that Waterstones is closing, it is a loss of some soul to hear that the need for books is shrinking, I know there is magic in written word I just hope the books they have in stock get a good home. I do hope one day to put some of my thoughts through pen to paper and be able to instruct others in anything I may know that others may not. Not in any philosophical sense, because my views of the world are surely insane and of no help to anyone. But maybe my work in physics and electronics, or anything I have learned, like about ants and other insects. I do know some amount of pointless information on topics I was once thought were important enough to memorise.

But on with the evening and off with the blog, I do mean to put photographs in these but keep forgetting to even take them. Well, I hope your weekend is good!

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