Friday, 12 February 2010

Isaac Tobin And The Weeks End

Here we are again, another lunch time Friday.
Another week flown by. It really is quite scary, already a lot more than 1/12 through 2010. Almost finished my 22nd year breathing for myself (rather than the previous 22 someone was breathing for me?).

Watched a TED talk this morning from Jamie Oliver, regarding obesity and bad food habits in the USA. Very interesting stuff, but not much I didn't know before.

But it really does keep me thinking about my nasty habit of chowing on nothing from one end of the day to the other, literally. I'm a devil for coming into work at 10am, eating a big bowl of cereal and then nothing but water and tea till 9-10pm when I have dinner at home. Now I do do lunch sometimes, now for example I'm having 2 bananas and a mug of milky, delicious tea. The problem has been that I've just not been hungry for the last 2 weeks. Most days I eat my breakfast too late then by the time I am hungry it's for dinner and I know there is one at home for me. (not mentioning at all my addiction to chocolate, because there is obviously nothing wrong with that...)

Mostly again this just comes back to needing to get up early and get my ass into college. The rest of me also having to get in too.

Still no luck finding a Wii board so I can do Wii Fit in the mornings like I did last year, I do miss it, good fun for an hour and a handy way to wake myself up, get motivated and all that stuff. I've also decided that 2 evenings a week I'm going to spend in the Postgrad. Reading Room, that way I wont check my emails, Twitter, Facebook, TED, YouTube, Google Reader... etc. etc.
Now I'm not saying that's all I do, but it does take 10mins out of every hour. Add to that all the tea and water I drink, then have to refill bottles. I waste a lot of time, like a pro I'd say. Always thought my PhD should be in wasting time.

Finally for this post I shall mention my lovely girlfriend who makes me so happy and I really don't thank her enough. Every text brightens my days, every smile makes my week.

Odette: "That tiger is thinking 'Oh you would be sooooo tasty'" <3

(also, putting images in blog posts makes everything nicer, thanks to Jane, Marc and their amazing blogs for that one.)

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like Jamie Oliver is having a really tough time in the US. He went to visit what's considered 'the fattest town in america' in that it has the highest number of obese people living there.

Appartently people were outwardly hostile towards his healthy eating efforts and a lot of the kids though tomatoes were potatoes. :( Poor Jamie. He's such a cutie too!