Friday, 26 February 2010

A time to complain

So yes, its another Friday lunchtime, I both love and hate this time, so nearly finished and yet so much left to do.

I think I might make another mini blog and put physics in it, so that if people want to know why I'm so busy/angry/stressed they can see exactly why. Mostly I think I would put up my drawings and such. Although, I think there are copyright things about my work... so maybe I'm not allowed publish things... I will have to look that one up. But if I ever publish any papers I will be sure to post a link up here.

So I've been doing nothing but data analysis for a long while now, waiting to get started on the next experiments, have to have stuff built and set up before. Non-stop issues to get by too, and now Prof.Lunney wants a different setup, so more drawings to do (I do like doing them, I just want to show them off to people too). To explain what my next experiment is I shall say this: I have thus far worked with previously used experimental setups, ( ) don't know if that link will work but it goes into a lot of the things I do. So anyway, now I am going to be using a different geometry such that the plasmas collide and this is the medium for the discharge rather than a plamsa rushing through a discharge cell. It's quite a physically complex setup, especially now that I will be using a rotating target.

I'm sure I've just lost any possible readers, so now I can really get into the good stuff. Except I'm really quite tired right now. Haven't been that motivated this week, really hate all this BS holding me back from starting the next experiment, if I could just have access to the material myself I could bring it home and build it, I know it wouldn't be as accurate but its the initial experiments they don't need to be built to the micron. (sorry back to work again, it's mostly all that's on my mind).

Brought M out for a birthday pint with Josh on Wednesday in Mulligan's (best pint of Guinness in Dublin apparently) and then went out after for Josh's birthday in Mac Turcaills. Had a lot of pints... thus totally ruining my new years resolution, not that I hadn't put some dents in it already. Was a good night though, also out that night was the JF science pub crawl, I ran into lots of my students, hassled them about having lab reports done for Thursday's lab and got a free pint from a guy I had in Maths Methods last term.

Odette has started a job in a café in Dalkey, so with that goes much of the time we spend together. Which is a shame, I do miss her alot and it's not like we spent much time with each other as was but I'm glad she's working and she seems to enjoy it.

I also have another old camera to play with. So I think I'm going to put in some time cleaning them up and then test them out the next sunny day I have out and about, be good to see if I can get back into photography, I have a scanner so I don't mind not using digital and I look forward to cleaning their optics and looking at how their workings have aged. Off I go now, to draw.

*edit* Forgot to put images in, must do that for the readers sake ;) */edit*

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