Monday, 8 February 2010

Once a day you say?

Why yes, I do have a blog.
I wonder how many millions tell themselves to post blogs more often every day.
Always do like finding I fit perfectly into the middle, snug and warm, of a mass statistic. Nothing wrong with being one of the bell curve extremes either mind, but I do like being mediocre in lots of ways. Brown-ish hair, brown-ish eyes, average-ish height, average-ish weight. Makes for lots of: "well I guess I'm not the only one who likes a chocolate coated chocolate".

I have had a pretty busy day today if I do say so myself.
Have got quite a bit done, but a Lot more to do. Group meeting called this morning, 3 hours notice. Not the nicest thing for a Monday morning but certainly gets you on your toes! Have a lot of model working to do to get the fit with the data to match well, looks like 3 different regions of temperature, possibly one very hot dense core surrounded by two cooler, sparser regions. If that makes sense in plasma physics beyond the sun's interests then I'm set, otherwise I'm back at square one and my assumptions have wasted a lot of my time.

Have this magnetism course thing, it's a pain, have to do homework. Hate homework. Answer the questions at the end of each chapter...

Chapter 1, question 1) As a rule of thumb, a (magnetic) field 3 times greater than the spontaneous magnetisation is needed to magnetise a permanent magnet. Given that the current in a lightning strike is 10^6 A, make an estimate of the time that will elapse before a particular outcrop of lodestone becomes magnetised.
(Should this be an infringement on copyright then please inform me and I will remove it, my most sincere apologies if I have breached any publishing rights in this.)

Now to me, that question is just looking for someone to get confused, why can't I be asked something that makes sense to me, like say: how does one go about making a nice cup of tea.

Anyway, that's what the next 2 evenings will be spent on. I think it will be 20 questions like that, 10 a night eh? Off I go.

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Odette said...

Ohh you did have a pretty hectic day. Sorry that question was trickier than you thought it'd be, I know you'll get it though :)

and by the way you're not in any way average to me <3 you're extraordinary