Monday, 31 May 2010

No Blog?!

Damn, missed another blog day. This time I honestly was madly busy, was out in UCD testing a photodiode. I will have to go back out again, hopefully will get to soon and will get the data I need to have a good idea of the scale of voltages to expect for a certain amount of transmitted light.

Last week flew by, as all the bloody weeks of 2010 have been, hard to believe I am very nearly a year in TCD, I really hope I am bright enough to get through this, not feeling like a postgraduate student I must say, a laser physicist, a plasma researcher... I still take ages tying my shoe laces, how can I be a physicist of any sort?! One of the reason I want people to ask me about my research (thanks for all the feedback by the way! Glad to see nobody shies away from commenting) is so that I have a good excuse to learn more. Because I am one of those people who needs motivation, very much so. I think one of my major problems at the moment is that I am going from group meeting to group meeting doing Things but not really learning things, I mean I can read papers from dawn till dusk but the fundamental theory behind alot of the things I'm doing has still escaped me, it's more just that I've not thought of the question myself to go answer it than I've been too lazy to find it out. I know I am lazy, but I really do want to know this stuff, because I do enjoy it immensely.

So I am going to NJ in August, and now possibly going to Austria in July, which should be pretty cool. I would like to try squeeze in a trip to Italy before NJ, but I don't know if that will work out. I think maybe it should be a choice between moving out this summer or more holidays and moving out after.
Then again, moving out in Sept. will be tougher, lots more people looking for places. It's not like a trip to Italy would cost a huge amount anyway. Oh how I would love to have proper college summer holidays again. It's scary to think how quick 3 months goes by though, and then 3 years too. Terrifying.

Also, something for everyone to note: now that it is summer I want to hang out with everyone. Lots. In the sun. So let’s organise for Iveagh Gardens, or the beach, anywhere, everywhere. Sunshine is fleeting, in this country anyway, so let’s try capture it! (I need to try balance out all the time in basements on computers and doing experiments). Anyway, lunchtime has to be short today, lots to do. Will try post before Friday again.


Odette said...

Self-motivation really is very hard, and I know that it might feel like you're not really absorbing that much but I'm sure that you are, it is still only your 1st year there and there's a been a lot to cover in a very short space of time. All I'm trying to say is that it will come to you.
Also I'll really try to ask you more questions and get you to explain in layman's terms what you're doing.
I know you'll get there :D

That's cool you could be off to Austria! A conference there is it? I bet they get lovely summers. Italy would be great, but I guess we'll have to see, if we really want to we need to start looking for lat min deals now :s if there is any left! I hope no ash clouds feck everything up again!
NJ is going to be so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Hyperbolic crochet...I still don't understand how its hyperbolic!!
To be honest I'm not sure what a hyperbola is...two HATE MATHS!

Lets have the buzz more trinity gallery.