Friday, 21 May 2010

Talking Monkey.

I am going to cheat today, and post a blog I didn't write today, or even this week really, but in the past 7 days, so it still counts. Shudup.

"Blogs are a funny animal, not quite as alive as once maybe, or maybe just split onto a new evolutionary chain with the need to feed driving it away from once under populated fields to beyond maybe into a next generation format?
I know for one, when I’m looking to buy online I seek out detailed reviews, often from bloggers I know & trust, because that’s always what we want, nobody wants to be the sucker who wasted their money when “everyone” knows to go to X Y & Z.
So maybe I should be putting effort in yeah? Maybe it’s time to find my place? My bit to add to... well it’s going to be Web 3.0 is it? Yeah? Or whatever. I don’t know, I use dates to label things myself when I’m programming or modelling, that & names which have meaning. Scientists huh? All mad, the lot of them.

I would like more feedback though! Felling a bit like a lone nut talking to a conference crowd with my mouth in a mug or whispering at a roaring engine. Not that that wasn’t how I started this or how I thought it would continue, talking & making it difficult for people to really hear, but I’m just wanting to cut in on this dance my friends have been enjoying with Mrs. Internet, maybe try to get a spin or a dip out of her before I forget why I write things.
Why do I like to write then? It’s not like I’m particularly good at it, I sure can go on and on but that doesn’t make much more than a good bureaucrat which isn’t an aspiration of mine, quel surprise says you.
Or maybe an Energiser ad, should see if they’ll sponsor the blog “he just goes on and on and on....”
But part of my place could be writing this out by hand (as this blog was before being posted) I have the gadgetry, just need to get it set up and I could just post PDF or images, I have horrible writing, but I like it and I think you will too. The problem with handwritten blogs is there’s no spellcheck though, to fix my many mishaps. But as Jimmy Car would put it, I’ve invented a hard copy, handmade blog format!

I want to organise myself better & spend more time with my friends, again something I repeat often, but that doesn’t make it any less the case, I value very highly the fact that I know people who like to spend time with me, for whatever reason they’d like to do that. But that’s another reason I’m moving out & wanting town as the location. I love the idea of having a few people over for food & movies, lots of hanging out, eating, cooking, all the fun, social things I like to do.
I spent the weekend in my mam’s with Odette & went hiking Sunday, it was really lovely, got rained on a bit but mostly warm and pleasant, some lovely views & lots of sheep bones."
Circa last weekend, written not typed, dictated to Mr Tobin's secretary, no responsibility is held for any injuries sustained while reading this blog.

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