Friday, 30 July 2010


Hello all, another Friday lunchtime, looking forward to my weekend, looking forward even more to my holiday, tomorrow 3 weeks I will be flying off to New Jersey! Woop woop!

Things are going well though, so I'm not just moving blindly into the future. Went home last night and got a big hug from my baby sister (Alannah), although the first thing she said to me was "Where's Joshua", but I wont take insult, haha. Feeling like I'm settling back into life alright, things are panning out in their own way in most respective parts of my life. Got a new hamster, meant to get a boy but the pet shop seems to have given us a girl, but she is great.

Nuvola, named because she looks like a little fluffy cloud. You can see I've upped security on the cage too, although she is much smaller than Bear was, and it was probably me leaving the cage a jar rather than Bear breaking out (although, with a name like Bear being a jailbird doesn't seem far fetched). She's also much more nervous, we think it's because the petshop hadn't really handled her, so we're trying to spend time playing every day, to get her used to us. Odette says girls get more mean too as they grow up, so fingers crossed Nu plays nice and likes us.

Experiment is going well too, got a ton of data this morning, filled a floppy! (yes, I have to use floppy disks every day, it's amazing) 43 files of signal data to analyse before I get back down to the lab, although I might just get a few more signals with a slightly different setup before the day is out, I can always analyse the data on the laptop over the weekend. I do enjoy my work, it's just that most of the time I don't get to do it, I just have to fix things and that gets dull (as I'm sure this fludge is getting!)

I've been cooking lots recently too, I want to take pictures of things I cook, because I like how they look (that and I feel like I don't use my camera enough...) it's not that I cook anything spectacularly unusual or difficult, but damned if it isn't tasty. I'm thinking about having people over for a mock-dinner party, be nice to cook for a crowd (cooking with Odette is always the best, because she has a good pace, I'm a bundle of chaos cooking).

Also, another star spotted from my window! Matt Berry (of The IT Crowd, among other things) was at The Duckworth Lewis Method on Wednesday evening, saw him smoking after the gig outside the stage door and the crowd of them were all hanging in and about the stage door till 1am (really should have just went and asked him for an autograph [and if he wanted a cup of tea or a beer in the apt. haha]).

So that was most of my week really, it was a good week and I'm hoping the weekend will round it off nicely!


Oswald C. Cobblepot said...

Hah nice picture of the Berry there! He was on Phantom before the gig, missed the interview but it might be up on their website. That Fakita style stuff looks fookin amazing, have a dinner party! doooo itttt! we could do another desert fest like at my house that time.

Zakerius said...

That was exactly what I was thiking of when I posted!
I listened to the interview just there, it was quite funny, didn't know he started out as a musician.

Anonymous said...

I wanna come to the dinner party!!!
Have it this weekend!
This Saturday!
Cos I know I'm going to bored that day!

Anonymous said...

*to be bored

Damn my excited typing...