Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Yes yes, I know.

You don't need to tell Me you know, I'm the one who Lives here.

July is an odd month, I've decided, it's just not normal, not the sort you'd invite over to have Flones and tea. But none the less I have tried to enjoy this month, it has had high and low points like every good iteration. I am still left floundering in my experiment, but I am so close to the wide open sea that I can smell it (physics smells like spicy tomato and lentil soup today, damn tasty). But I'm not to complain, anyone who knows me knows that I do that too much.

I went to see The Terminator last night in The Screen with Oswald Coblepot, Stephen K., Garry W., and City Talker? Yeah, those guys. It was good fun, such an amazing, awful movie. Ferris Bueller Day Off is out there 7th August and they are taking suggestions for more 80's movies to show, I suggested They Live, because it is a great movie and would be great to see on the big screen, but there are so many 80's gems that should be let out more often (I just wish Cineworld would do more of this type of thing, as I already have my unlimited card there).

I try to be happy all the time, I really do, keep the laughter rolling on, but I must say, there's been a lot of just looking into space this last 2 weeks, thinking and trying not be sad. And there is something about a head cold that just makes me feel defeated, like I shouldn't bother, just stay in bed. My knee isn't helping either, I'm limping as bad as the Terminator was. I got a beautiful little baby Syrian hamster, we called him Bear, on the 12th of July. He was great, such a cute little thing and very good, and then the following Sunday night, not a week from getting him, he got out of his cage (I guess I didn't close the cage door properly, it's the only explanation really). Poor little guy, haven't seen sight nor sound of him since Sunday morning when I fed him, I felt so awful, still do, I feel awful when I kill a plant, let alone a cute little hamster...

But yeah, positive, yeah, things going well, experiments yielding useful results, gaining understandings, getting organised and geared up for the big bad transfer report. Apartment is getting clean, slowly, lots more to do, still have to get a routine, don't enjoy chaos that much, though it does keep you on your toes, nice to feel busy, always good to get to tick things off the To Do list, even if the list seems never ending (and quite probably isn't, but that's not for now).

Anyway, I'm going in circles and my soup is long finished, time to return to the lab and work.

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Oswald C. Cobblepot said...

Feeling low ay? Hmmm we shall remedy this soon! Bad news about Bear, wouldve liked to have met him. Sure he might still be around, you never know! Could have some pretty cul stories about a Temple Bar Lost Pets biker gang terrorizing the Purty Kitchen on Week Nights. I call em the Furry Furies!