Thursday, 8 July 2010

So what I didn't

You can't make me anyway,
I'd like to see you try,
You and your whole army.

So on Wednesday I was an archer in Camelot, the king, Uther Pendragon, had just died and Merlin and Morgana had came to pay their respective respects. This made all us castle guards very uneasy, it's not every day that the castle has such powerful visitors. Morgana arrived on horseback (despite her clear lack of horse riding ability) and Merlin arrived at strong pace, on foot. Needless to say I never get told anything, but my battle wound was at me all day in that breeze. We were given very fancy "longbows" for the day too, didn't think we'd come up with anything like that for a thousand years

Me as a 6th century archer!

So yeah, I'm either going to be on TV or I'm insane, maybe both. But at least I did something fun eh? Not that physics isn't fun. But I never get to do physics, because nothing ever bloody works does it. I am reluctant to post this because I want to write a proper blog post, but I just haven't got the time to spend. I might go grab some lunch and try post something proper, lots has happened in the past month and so for once I have good things to write about! (I really need to get my camera cable, I wish I knew where it was!)

My last blog was about nothing, so this blog really should be the same, but instead I'm going to try to sum up the last month. On the night before my last blog post Odette's grandad died in hospital, he was a really lovely man and his funeral was touching, hearing the love that he and his wife shared for over 50 years and seeing how they were still madly in love up to the last minutes.
The following week I made an effort to see as many people as I could and went to an open casting in Liberty Hall for Camelot. On a whim I wrote I had gun licences and was "proficient with ranged weapons" and then being the twit I am, seconds before handing it in remembered archery would be a good thing to mention.
The following week I again continued to try see as many friends as I could during my free time, and during my not-so-free-time I was making the poster and preparing the paper for the EPS Plasma Physics Conference in DCU. I also came down with gastroenteritis during that week, on the Wednesday evening, which was great fun I can tell you. That managed to last right through the conference and it was only on the following Saturday, after 10 days of hell that I was able to eat properly again. Great way to lose weight though, I went down to 10.5 stone.
The conference went well, I was a volunteer at it as well as presenting at it (which meant minimal work and lots of free food, if I could have eaten it) and on the Thursday the Gala Event was held in the Guinness Storehouse which was great craic, tons of free and gallons on free drink. The Gravity Bar is great too, love the view, got a beautiful sunset that night. I then spent the weekend dog and house sitting for Odette's family while they were in London which was also good fun, pretty much just watched movies and cleaned but it was fun!
During the last few days of June then I went to view an apartment in Temple Bar with Kevin, it was really very nice, big, secure and quite well kept if a little grubby. So we took it! Signed the lease 2 days after seeing it and started moving stuff in pretty much straight away. Now that leaves this past week, well that has just flown by, on Wednesday I was in Camelot, as mentioned above, which was great fun. Saw Eva Green on horseback (she's not a horse person I'm guessing) and saw Joseph Fiennes doing his level best to run uphill at the castle we were guarding and look mysterious.

Oh also, Snoop Dogg played the Olympia on Tuesday night and we saw him out the window of the apartment, will quickly rack up the famous faces I've seen eh!


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Haha thats so cool! :)

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That is the greatest costume of all time!