Wednesday, 31 March 2010

From home?!

It does feel odd to not be fludging from my office, but I felt bad about leaving my fludge off so abruptly. I had a great birthday with some of my friends, 9 people and myself had dinner in Mongolian BBQ, Josh and Kevin got competitive about how many bowls they had eaten, they both got to 6 bowls before Kevin had to leave, Josh did finish a 7th but that can't really count.

We then went to Pravda for a drink or two, once there a group of middle aged, British football fans started singing very loudly which almost convinced us to leave. Luckly they cleared off before we had finished our first round. This peace wasn't to last however as we were soon surrounded by a group of total toss pot larger louts, all trashed at 7pm. After one or two of them had insisted, at length, that we were Spanish, had rubbish barbers, hadn't heard of barbers, were barbers... some of them started pouring their drinks on the ground and one smashed his glass on the floor and stormed out.

Again though, before we were finished our drinks and ready to distance ourselves from the bother the bother left. So we then returned to conversation and left at our own convienience.

All in all I really enjoyed my day and thanks to all who came and hope to see you soon to any who didn't. I know that 3 drinks isn't a usual birthday amount but this year is supposed to have less binge drinking for me and I did also have the presentation to prep for.

On Sunday I went out and met Odette from her work, the café is nice, I had a mug of tea and read some more of Fear And Loathing in Las Vagas while listening to They Might Be Giants on my big head phones. Managed to steal Odette's cold pretty damn well I think, woke up on Monday feeling it, but it's all worth while for the fun weekend!

I am looking for honest opinions here, anything at all that comes to mind.
How accessable do you think my post/update style is? Images too big? Too little content? I'd like to make this readable, because I have plans for my site to pretty much just make my fludge (aka blog) into it.
Thanks for reading!

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