Wednesday, 31 March 2010

The Sickness

Back in my office, had an unexpectedly long break from being here,
on Monday just gone I had a presentation titled: Z-Pinch Discharge in Laser Produced Plasma, it was supposed to be a 7mins presentation with 3mins questions after, I was third of five postgrad. students presenting. Nobody took 10mins, it varied from 15 to 25mins, the 25mins was without questions too. But I think I was about 12mins talking, and got asked some good questions, not that I had many answers, but at least it showed I was interesting! Tony tried to ask me a question I would know, only I guess I wasn't in the group meeting it was discussed in and didn't know, nice of him to try though.

Following that I allowed myself accept the fact I was getting ill, but that was at 10:30am, and I still had a whole day of talks and chats with my academic peers in UCD to go. I was glad to get home at 6pm. Ended up hardly leaving bed until this morning, when unfortunatly I had to come in and now here I am.

But now I'm out of time, so this is a quick, bare fludge (-new word for blog yo, props to Rory)
I do enjoy updating my fludge, but sometimes my fludge just has to come second.

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